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Participant Country Organisation Presentation
Sven Anderson Germany IOTA/ES Tangra Workshop
Djunaï Baba Aissa Algeria Algiers Observatory - CRAAG Observing Asteroid occultations in Algeria
Karl-Ludwig Bath Germany Internationale Amateursternwarte The IAS observatory in Namibia - and observation of Chariklo events
Wolfgang Beisker Germany IOTA/ES The new IOTA Occultation Camera
Hans-Joachim Bode Germany IOTA/ES
Martina Boháčová Czech Republic Institute of Physics, Prague Highlights from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Eberhard Bredner Germany IOTA-ES; DOA;VdS; club-eclipse; Dolberg Observatory "Camping in Erdeven-LOW and GRAZPREP" - predictions and observation
Dietmar Büttner Germany IOTA/ES; BAA; ALPO Lunar limb profile models in the past and today
Josef Ďurech Czech Republic Charles University in Prague How occultations improve asteroid shape models
Peter Enskonatus Germany IOTA/ES -
Leonard Entwisle United Kingdom BAA -
Otto Faragó Germany IOTA-ES, Planetarium + Observatory Stuttgart -
Bernd Gährken Germany Bavarian Public Observatory Munich The Metis occultation at 7.3.2014 and the shape motion
Konrad Guhl Germany IOTA/ES, Archenhold-Sternwarte A portable 20“ telescope for IOTA/ES
Martina Haupt Germany IOTA/ES -
Tim Haymes United Kingdom BAA -
Oliver Klös Germany IOTA/ES, VdS Kleopatra, Concordia & Beagle - Occultation Highlights in Europe 2015
Roman Kostenko Ukraine Poltava Astronomy Club Solar eclipse trip to Turkana, Kenya
Lucie Maquet France LESIA - Paris Observatory The Chariklo System
Alexander Pratt England IOTA-ES The curious case of SAO 93967
Václav Přibáň Czech Republic Observatory and Planetarium Prague -
Eberhard Riedel Germany IOTA/ES GRAZPREP: New features of the IOTA/ES-software for Grazing Occultation predictions and preparations'
Cyril Ron Czech Republic Astronomical Institute AS CR The new astronomical reference systems and the Earth rotation
Wolfgang Rothe Germany IOTA; VDS -
Harrie Rutten Netherlands DOA; IOTA-ES -
Toni Santana-Ros Poland Astronomical Observatory Institute, Adam Mickiewicz University A new non-convex model of the binary asteroid 90 Antiope obtained with the SAGE modelling technique
Eléonore Saquet France IMCCE/Observatoire de Paris The campaign observation of mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites
Carles Schnabel Spain IOTA / A.A.Sabadell -
Martin Šolc Czech Republic Astronomical Institute, Charles University in Prague Observations and theory of eclipse phenomena in Bohemian lands since 18th century
Andreas Tegtmeier Germany IOTA/ES -
Astrid Heidi Teuscher-Faragó Germany Observatory Stuttgart -
Nikolai Wünsche Germany IOTA/ES -
Marek Zawilski Poland Observations of occultation phenomena in Czechia until the 18th century